General News Update 1-28-2014

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CANCELLED: Oral Arguments set for 01/30/14 (Shew v. Malloy)

U.S. District Court

United States District Court for the District of Connecticut

Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 1/21/2014 at 11:33 AM EST and filed on 1/21/2014

Case Name: Shew et al v. Malloy et al

Case Number: 3:13-cv-00739-AVC

ORDER. After thorough review of the well-crafted and well-articulated position of the movants, and the responses thereto, the most recent of which was filed on January 15, 2014, the court concludes that oral argument on the pending motions is not necessary. The issues have been comprehensively briefed and the court is prepared to resolve the pending motions without further argument. The order setting the date for argument in this case is hereby vacated. The court will issue a decision on the merits forthwith.
Signed by Judge Alfred V. Covello on 01/21/14.(Covello, Alfred)
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